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"In silico"

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If the target host* of a phage therapy treatment is not an animal the term "biocontrol" (as in phage-mediated biocontrol of bacteria) is usually employed, rather than "phage therapy".

In silico
From:"Genomics,Proteomics and Clinical Bacteriology",N.Woodford and Alan P.Johnson

Phrase that emphasizes the fact that many molecular biologists spend increasing amounts of their time in front of a computer screen, generating hypotheses that can subsequently be tested and (hopefully) confirmed in the laboratory.

Phage Therapy is influenced by:

Phage therapy is influenced by:

Country : the epidemiological situation is different from country to country in terms of circulating bacteria and bacteriophages. Example: lytic phages from Italy may be no active on the same bacteria (genus and species) isolated from another country and vice versa.
Mutation rate
Phenotypical delay
Phage cocktail

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